The Bias installation on the UCL Portico, as part of the Slade Post-Graduate Degree show, June 2019. was an investigation into bias in both its meanings... 

1. Materially: As a ‘diagonal line or cut across the weave of a fabric.' 

2. Theoretically: As a ‘tendency or inclination, especially an irrational preference or prejudice.’ 

Dressing the UCL portico columns in bias cut, striped, garments made of Satinac fabric, whilst wearing garments that match the dressed architecture Boon & Baum explored and dissected ideas of camp, camouflage and wearing more than just one’s clothing.

A third element to the piece came to play through The Column Dance, a performance twice a day during the exhibition interweaving body, building and movement.

References to the 1930’s queen of bias Madeleine Vionnet, the dresses have a variety of different design features including godets, cowl necklines, tiers and voluminous shapes. The fabric was panelled with diagonally striped fabric in two acidly glamorous colours. The stripes depict the 45°angle of the bias, as well as referencing the camouflage of the 20th century dazzle ships. In addition we celebrated the history of UCL, with a nod to the diagonal decorations of the UCL fete of 1909.

Funded by:

Sir Paul Smith

The Eaton Fund

Gilbert Bayes Charitable Trust

UCL Business

Kickstarter Contributors

With help from:

Run The Fields (Installation)

Daas Trading (Fabrication assistance)

Showtex (Fabric)


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5 mins.