Boon & Baum is the collaborative duo of Joe Boon and Anna Baumgart. Graduating from BA Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins, we went on to study the MFA in Sculpture at the Slade School of Art. Together we use the language of fashion to experiment with notions of ‘dressing’ and ‘wearing’ in relation to ideas of ‘the individual’ and ‘the community’. Using clothing and textiles as our main medium we also work with performance, video and architectural intervention. In order to extend clothing away from the body, we have dressed buildings, environments and natural forms. Our work is often site specific, exploring how we dress and can be dressed by a space. Positioned in the public sphere, we create spaces to play, learn and communicate through haptic interaction. Ideas surrounding uniform and identity are integral to our work. We perceive Boon & Baum as similar to the bias-cut of a fabric, woven together whilst approaching ideas from an alternative angle. Collaboration is at the heart of our practice - as individuals inhabiting different genders and sexualities we draw on our experiences to explore the world. We play with conventions and structures in society, dissecting them to challenge preconceptions and reveal alternative perspectives.