Parade in the Arcade is a site specific installation in the Broadway Gallery, Letchworth Shopping Arcade and Letchworth Museum. Inspired by the banner Foursquare our City, designed by Edmund Hunter in 1909 to celebrate the founding of Letchworth, Parade in the Arcade is comprised of 6 wearable banners and plays with the idea of ‘wearing a place’. The floor of the Letchworth Arcade has been flipped by 90 degrees and is suspended from the ceiling and from Boon & Baum. Integrating the original motifs of the 1909 banner and a few of our own motif designs the piece questions how we interact and belong to a particular place.


Group Show:

Parade - A Celebration of Contemporary Textile Art

Broadway Gallery, Letchworth Garden City (2019/20)

Public Installation 


Kristian Day